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Why can’t I hear sound coming out of some Ambience microphones in Superior Drummer?

By default, in order to minimize the resource requirements for the default kit, only ‘Amb close’ is enabled when you first launch Superior Drummer 2.0. To preview additional ambience channels, you must enable the bleed into these microphones.

In Superior Drummer (please ensure you have the latest version or the below steps may not correspond):

1) open the ‘Bleed Edit’ tab by clicking the ‘Edit’ button on the relevant Ambience channel.

2) click ‘select all’ at the top of the panel to select all bleed or use any other multiple selection shortcuts described under ‘Refined Microphone Controls’ in the Superior manual, if desired.

3) click any of the ON/OFF switch to the left.

4) repeat for any other Ambience channel you would like to enable, making sure the RAM requirements will not exceed your computer’s capabilities.

Alternatively, you may select an appropriate ‘Bleed Usage’ mixer preset but please make sure you have enough RAM before proceeding or you will starve your system for resources, possibly requiring a hard reset of the system. You may want to enable ‘Cache mode’ if you are unsure your system is up to the task!

If this does not solve the issue, you may be experiencing a routing issue.

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