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Mavericks: Mac OS X 10.9 Compatibility Information (updated 2/25/14)


Recently, Apple released version 10.9 of Mac OS X, titled Mavericks. Whenever an OS upgrade is released, we start gathering as much information as we can as to how your current software and hardware will interact with the new OS. While some companies stay ahead of the game and resolve any issues right away, others may take a while longer.

In order to avoid any problems that may arise when you update to the newest Mac OS, we recommend you proceed with caution. Below you’ll find a list of compatibility news related to Mac OS X 10.9. We’ll be updating this list with the most recent information as soon as we learn of it. If you don’t see your software or hardware here, check back in a short while to see if it’s been added.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here.


Current Compatibility News:


11/20/2013 – Ableton has announced that Live 9.1 and Live 8.4.2 will be compatible with Mavericks. Live 9.1 can be downloaded from your Ableton account. Currently, only beta versions of Live 8.4.2 exist. According to Ableton, if you try to use any version older than those listed above, they “will not work flawlessly.”


Apogee has Mavericks-ready updates for all of their products. To get the update for your Apogee product, click here.

Audio Ease

Altiverb 7.1 adds support for Mavericks!

Avid (updated 12/31/13)

Avid currently states that Media Composer 7 and Sibelius 7 are NOT supported with Mavericks. They will announce support for the new OS with future releases. For more information, click here.

Euphonix hardware (Artist series) is not officially supported yet either. Support will be added with a v3.1 release.

Pro Tools 11 now has support for Mavericks starting with version 11.0.3. Pro Tools 11.0.3 and higher will ONLY work with Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) and 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion). The co-install of Pro Tools 11 and 10.3.x will not work on Mavericks. The uninstaller for Pro Tools 10.3.7 will not work on Mavericks, along with the Nitris DX, Mojo DX, Fast Track, or VENUE FWx32 driver uninstallers.

Additionally, Avid has updated drivers for many interfaces including the Eleven Rack, Mbox (2nd and 3rd generations), 003, and Pro Tools HD hardware.

Media Composer now has support for Mavericks. Versions 7.0.3 and will work.


Celemony has released an update for Melodyne Editor, Assistant, and Essential which supports Mavericks.

12/3/2013 – Melodyne Studio 3 is now compatible with Mavericks via an update. It will work via Rewire or the MelodyneBridge with 32-bit DAWs (64-bit DAWs are still unsupported).

You can download the updates by logging in to your MyCelemony account.

East West (updated 12/9/13)

East West has updated the Play engine to PLAY 4.1 and is now compatible with Mavericks!

ENTTEC (updated 11/27/13)

A fix has been released that allows you to disable the new driver that breaks communication between DMXIS/D-Pro and any Enttec USB-DMX interface. For more information, please see this article.

Focusrite (updated 12/12/13)

The following products from Focusrite are currently supported on Mavericks: Saffire range, Scarlett range (see note below).

The VRM Box, and RedNet Control are NOT supported and will be updated soon.

10/29 – Focusrite has found an issue with the Scarlett range of interfaces running on Mavericks that can cause audio glitches and drop outs. To resolve this, they suggest running your Scarlett in class compliant mode. To do so, go to this link and follow the instructions.

11/14 – Focusrite has discovered an issue with Scarlett Mix Control crashing on Mavericks. If you’re experiencing this issue, see this article for a work around until Focusrite releases a fix.

12/20 – For information on using a Focusrite Forte with Mavericks, see this article.


FXpansion has announced that their products are compatible with Mavericks!


11/15/13 – Users have been reporting issues with RX3 Advanced on Mavericks. It will not work in standalone mode. iZotope is working to fix the issue. As of now, this is the only issue we have seen with iZotope software.

iZotope requests that if you have any issues using their software with Mavericks that you contact their support directly.


Lynx has released Build 55 of their CoreAudio driver for the LynxTWO, L22, and AES16. The new build offers support for Mavericks. Before installing the new driver, be sure to uninstall your old one. You can do so by downloading the Lynx OS X Driver Uninstaller.

You can find the new driver here.


MakeMusic has announced that preliminary testing on Mavericks with Finale 2012, Finale 2011, PrintMusic 2011, SongWriter 2012, NotePad 2012, and current Garritan Libraries has indicated no major compatibility issues. There are some minor issues that can be addressed by users. Those are detailed here. MakeMusic has also declared that versions of Finale Notation and Garritan products older than those listed above will not be supported on Mavericks.

11/8/13 – MakeMusic released Finale 2014 a few days ago. It is Mavericks-ready!


Per MOTU, “current versions of all MOTU software and hardware drivers appear to be compatible with Mavericks, although final compatibility testing is still ongoing.” You can download the latest versions of MOTU software and hardware here.

12/30/13 – If you are a PCI-424 user, be sure you’re running the very latest driver (v 1.6.59200). You can download the latest drivers from here.

Native Instruments

Native Instruments has announced that their compatibility tests have shown current NI software products to work without any specific issues under standard installations on Mavericks.

Issues have been found with NI non class-compliant audio interfaces such as Audio 4, Audio 8, S4 Mk1, and Audio Kontrol 1. For more information on that, click here.


The following products from Novation are compatible with Mavericks: Launchpad S, Launchpad Mini, LaunchKey, LaunchKey Mini, Launch Control, SL MkII.

Products NOT compatible: Twitch and the original Launchpad.

OverLoud Audio Tools

OverLoud Audio Tools has announced that all of their software is Mavericks-ready!


The iLok License Manager by Pace is supported on Mavericks!


10/29 – Studio One 2.6.1 is now available and adds support for Mavericks.

All hardware drivers that are compatible with Mountain Lion will work on Mavericks. Click here for a full list of compatible interfaces.


Propellerhead reports that initial testing with Mavericks has not revealed any issues with Reason 7.0.1, ReCycle 2.2, or the Balance audio interface. They are currently doing more in-depth testing.

10/30 – Propellerhead now states that users of Reason 6, 6.5, or 7 can safely upgrade to Mavericks. They urge you to make sure that all of your hardware is compatible first, as do we!


Roland has listed all products that are compatible with Mavericks at this link. Bundled software Rapture LE and SI-Drum Kit will not work. Any products released after Mavericks will have the latest drivers at their respective product page at Roland.com.


Spectrasonics has announced that Omnisphere, Trilian, and Stylus are now qualified for use with Mavericks. Please make sure your host application is also compatible before upgrading.

Steinberg (updated 11/27/13)

Steinberg is happy to announce that most of their products are now compatible with Mavericks! To ensure full compatibility with class-compliant USB audio interfaces and certain Steinberg software products under Mavericks, please make sure to download and run the CoreAudio2ASIO patcher which can be found on the download pages of corresponding products within the support section at www.steinberg.net.

Steinberg also released Mavericks compatibility updates for the UR824 and UR28M audio interfaces.

For more information, please see this article from Steinberg’s Knowledge Base which includes a list of all their products and their compatible versions.


SoundToys has added support for Mavericks via the latest updates for their software. You can download the update from your SoundToys account.

TASCAM (updated 12/13/13)

TASCAM has been hard at work developing drivers for Mavericks. They are pleased to announce that many of their drivers are now compatible. Click here for more info and download links.

TC Electronic

TC Electronic has announced that their initial testing with TC Near 3.2 and the Mavericks Preview have been successful. They are still testing with the final release.


We have received word that all Toontrack software is currently compatible with Mavericks!

Universal Audio (updated 2/25/14)

All Apollo and UAD2 devices have been fully tested and are compatible with Mavericks when using UAD v7.4.2 and higher.


Waves has announced that all of their products are Mavericks-compatible. However, their online installers currently do not work with the new Mac OS. You can download their offline installers here.

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