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I can’t find Superior Drummer among my programs?

Superior Drummer is a plug-in extension for your existing recording application, commonly referred to as a sequencer or more generically ‘host application’.

It therefore requires a compatible application to run into, and is launched from within this application, as per instruction manual provided with the latter. A list of compatible host applications can be found on the product page.

If you do not currently own a sequencer, you may download Toontrack solo, a simple application that will allow you to get started with Superior. This free host is however not a full-fledged sequencer and, unless you intend to solely trigger Superior ‘live’, we strongly recommend acquiring an application allowing you to sequence your parts by drag and drop (or manual programming using your sequencer’s editor).

Many compatible host applications exist on both MAC and PC and they may vary greatly in workflow, translating directly into your experience working with Superior. Toontrack Music does not endorse and is not able to recommend any particular host application and we strongly recommend you ask friends or dedicated communities for a detailed account of application features and suitability for your purpose.

Note that while Toontrack Music endeavors to provide instructions for basic operation of their programs in all leading compatible applications, we can unfortunately not advise on detailed operation for these applications. Again we greatly recommend making the most of the help available from dedicated communities. Selected partners may however be able to offer specific training – please enquire if you would like to be notified of such training opportunities.

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