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When I try to burn CD’s in Wavelab it does not seem to see my Creation Station PC’s CD/DVD burner. Why?

In some versions of Wavelab (4 thru 6) this is common with the out-of-box install CD. Apparently it is a known bug in which Wavelab doesn’t recognize certain brands of drives.

This can be resolved by downloading the CD Burner update from Steinbergs web site.

Once you download the patch, here is how to install it. Since it is just updating Files, no install wizard will run. Therefore you will have to manually put the files into the proper folder in Windows.

Navigate to the Wavelab folder. It will be in whichever drive you installed it on. If you just used the defaults during the initial install, follow this path:

Click on My Computer>C Drive>Program Files>Steinberg>WaveLab
This “WaveLab folder” is where the files need to go.
Just drag and drop the files and select “replace all” when prompted.

Copy all the “CDWizard” files and the “vobhw.dll” into the WaveLab application folder and replace the already existing older versions.

Then double-click on the file “writer.reg” to add the information to the Windows registry. Yes, you want to replace/overwrite the existing file when prompted.

Go ahead and Launch Wavelab and it should now see your burner.

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