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Bouncing Tracks on an AW2816

A common recording practice is to combine several tracks together onto a single track, or onto two tracks for a stereo mix, once all of the tracks are full. This allows the engineer to free up tracks in order to record additional parts. This is often referred to as “bouncing” or “ping-ponging” tracks.
In order to do this the destination track must be set to record from a bus and the tracks being combined together must be assigned to that same bus.

1) Assign the bounce Track(s) to a Bus:

a) Press the [PATCH] button in the ‘UNIT’ section.
b) Press the [F1] button under the LCD screen to access the ‘PATCH IN’ page.
c) Press the “up”, “down”, “left” ,”right”, or ‘CURSOR’ buttons to move the cursor to the ‘RECORDER TRACK INPUT ASSIGN’ section and highlight the input assignment of the destination Track.
d) Turn the ‘JOG/DATA’ wheel to set the destination Track to record from one of the 8 busses of the AW2816.
2) Assign the record Track(s) to a Bus, or Busses:

a) Press the [PAN] button.
b) Press the [F2] button. The ‘PAN MONI’ page will display.
c) Use the “up”, “down”, “left” ,”right”, or ‘CURSOR’ buttons to move the cursor to the bus assignment section of the first Track that is to be bounced and highlight the bus that was selected in step 1 as the source from which the destination Track will record.
d) Press the [ENTER] button.
e) Repeat steps 2.c – 2.d for any other Tracks that are to be bounced together onto the destination Track.

3) Bounce the selected Track(s)
a) Press the appropriate [1] – [8] button in the ‘REC TRACK SELECT’ section for the selected destination Track.
NOTE: If the Tracks are being bounced to two separate Tracks to form a stereo mix, then repeat steps 1.a – 3.a to set up a second destination Track. When assigning tracks to two Busses, panning the source Track all of the way to the left will send it only to the odd numbered Bus and panning the source Track all of the way to the right will send it to the even numbered Bus.
b) Press the [PLAY] and [RECORD] buttons to record onto the destination Track(s).

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