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Appearance of HD BUSY Dialog Box, Abnormal Playback or File Backup on an AW2816

*** WARNING: This process requires OS version 1.3 or greater and several hours to complete. ***

When adding data to many concurrent songs, the song files can become very fragmented due to the fact that their data is widely distributed across the hard disk. In turn, this produces the ‘HD Busy’ dialog box. The defrag function can correct this and thus improve performance.

Executing the Defrag Procedure on an AW2816 Hard Drive

WARNING: It is possible that while Defrag is being executed, a read/write error will occur on the hard disk, damaging the audio data without the possibility of recovery. To avoid the potential loss of important Song data, it is recommended that the data residing on the hard disk be saved to another location before performing this procedure.

WARNING: The AW2816 should never be turned off while Defrag is in progress. If the power is turned off while the Defrag operation is being performed, the internal hard disk and/or the data may be damaged severely and irrecoverably. Before beginning this procedure, make sure that the power cable is secured and there is no chance that it will be accidentally unplugged from the outlet. Also, do not perform this operation if there is any possibility of power failure due to lightning or power line irregularities.

1) Press the [FILE] button to open the ‘FILE’ menu page.
2) Press the [F3] button to open the ‘DISK UTILITY’ tab page.
3) Turn the DATA/JOG Dial until the the ‘DRIVE’ select box displays ‘INT.IDE’.
4) Press the [ENTER] button. The ‘DEFRAG EXECUTE’ and ‘FORMAT EXECUTE’ prompts will appear on the ‘DISK UTILITY’ page.
5) Press the ‘CURSOR’ button to select ‘DEFRAG EXECUTE’.
6) Press the [ENTER] button. The ‘CONFIRMATION’ prompt will appear.
NOTE: If the message ‘Defrag Cluster Not Found!’ appears the internal hard disk is not fragmented and Defrag cannot be executed.

7) Select one of the following options from the ‘CONFIRMATION’ prompt window.
a) Press the ‘CURSOR’ button to select ‘OK’.
b) Select ‘CANCEL’ to exit the procedure.

8) Press the [ENTER] button to confirm the selection. The ‘PROGRESS MESSAGE’ window will appear with a progress bar indicating the estimated time needed for completion and the message ‘Defrag Executing’. When processing has been completed, the display will return to the ‘DEFRAG/FORMAT EXECUTE’ screen (see step 4).
NOTE: Once the Defrag operation is in progress it is possible to cancel the operation by selecting ‘CANCEL’ in the ‘PROGRESS MESSAGE’ window, and then pressing the [ENTER] button.
Reference: Owner’s Manual, p. 166