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Switching to ‘Measure’ and Enabling the Metronome Before Recording

By default the AW4416 and the AW2816 use the TIME count to indicate song position. In order to make future Song editing easier, it is recommended that the TIME count be switched to MEASURE count before recording and that the Metronome be enabled. Editing the song, especially when copying or moving parts of the song can be more easily accomplished when the song has been recorded in sync with the metronome and measure count. For example, copying measures 4 through 8 to measure 32 of a song is much easier than copying 00:00:12:043 through 00:00:18:021 to 00:01:02:021.

1) Press the [SONG] button.
2) Press the [F2] to enter ‘SETTINGS’.
3) Use the up, down, left, right ‘CURSOR’ buttons to select ‘MEASURE’ in the the ‘DISPLAY’ section in the screen.
4) Press [F4] to access the ‘TEMPO MAP’ page.

5) Adjust the ‘TEMPO’ and ‘METER’ settings to match the song to be recorded.
6) Press the [TRACK] button and the [F1] button.
7) Use the up, down, left, right’CURSOR’ buttons to select ‘OFF/ON’ field in the ‘METRO’ box located in the lower right corner of the ‘TR VIEW’ page.
8) Press the [ENTER] button to toggle the Metronome from ‘OFF’ to ‘ON’.

9) Press the right ‘CURSOR’ button to select the Metronome volume control in the ‘METRO’ box.
10) Use the (DATA) dial to adjust the Metronome volume level as desired.
NOTE: When recording allow for a one, two, or four bar count-in before recording and be sure to listen for the upbeat sound of beat one to record to the proper measure beat count.