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Y2K versus Kurzweil


An inSync reader and Sweetwater customer raises the Y2K question again:

“I purchased a k2500x from Sweetwater over 2 years ago and the thought just occurred to me…is it Y2K compliant or will it roll over & fail?”

We’ve wrangled with Y2K issues a couple of times on inSync (see inSync’s from 8/13/98 & 8/21/98 for example) and have come to the general conclusion that most of our musical instruments will be unaffected. They are what I will call “Y2K complacent” (future WFTD?), which means they don’t know or care what date it is and so the Y2K question is moot. That is the case with the Kurzweil. There are many unanswered questions and many more alarmist rumors about Y2K, and we’ll never anticipate everything or have all the questions resolved before we get there so the best approach is to do your best with common sense. If you use a system that never deals with dates or times, and it is not directly dependent upon a system that does, then there is a good chance it is Y2K complacent and will not be affected (no guarantees though).

Also, as a reminder to everyone, don’t forget to search our TTOTD archives when you have questions. You never know what you may find there.

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