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Virtual Tape Machines

Slate Digital aims to add the mojo of analog recording to your digital DAW, with the Virtual Tape Machines tape emulation plug-in. There’s an undeniable richness and depth when you record to analog tape that’s nearly impossible to attain any other way. Tape reacts to the dynamics of your signals — set the level just right, and you’ve got natural compression and saturation that makes snare drums pop, vocals come alive, and instruments glow. With today’s digital gear, almost anyone can make a great recording, but there’s no doubt that something is different with tape recordings.

So that’s why Slate Digital spent more than a year listening to and modeling different tape machines. The Virtual Tape Machines plug-in gives you the sound of either a 2″, 16-track tape machine or a 1/2″ mastering deck. You get two modeled tape formulations, modeled at two different tape speeds. Whether you use it on individual tracks, or across your whole mix, you’ll hear the analog goodness being worked into your music.

The old analog versus digital argument is stale — they both have their pros and cons, and it’s up to you as an engineer to decide how to best balance those. Slate Digital’s Virtual Tape Machines strikes a great balance. The sound is convincing, and you have way more flexibility (and way less maintenance) than you would if you were working with an old tape deck. If your projects need a little something extra, you’ll definitely want to try Virtual Tape Machines on your next recording.

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