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Virtual Drum Machine compatibility

“I’m looking for a good software drum machine application that I can use in both Digital Performer and Pro Tools LE. Any suggestions?”

Fortunately, Battery by Native Instruments is compatible with virtually all professional-level digital audio recording programs, such as Cubase, Pro Tools, Sonar, Digital Performer, Logic, and the like. In a hardware-based studio, you must connect audio outputs to devices such as mixers using hardware patch cords. In virtual, computer-based systems, all this patching is done within the computer to the program’s virtual mixer. In general, when you use Battery as a virtual instrument within digital audio recording software, the program recognizes Battery’s audio outputs, and these show up as channels in the virtual mixer. You can specify the number of Battery outputs, from stereo up to the maximum number supported by your system. In most cases, you can route individual drum sounds to individual mixer channels for additional processing, such as adding EQ or specialized plug-ins.

If the program also provides MIDI sequencing, then Battery can show up as a MIDI device, just as if it was an external box connected to your MIDI interface. Best of all, because Battery connects directly into the program and doesn’t have to go through an interface, there is almost no latency. This is very important with drum parts, where the timing should be as accurate as possible!

If any of the programs you use are compatible with any of the following protocols, Battery will work with them:

ASIO: (Audio Streaming Input/Output) Cross-platform, multi-channel, low-latency audio card driver typically written by a sound card’s manufacturer to specifications developed by Steinberg.
• Direct Sound: Standard Windows audio card driver
DirectConnect: Digidesign’s method of streaming audio into Pro Tools, where it can be manipulated in the TDM mix environment. Mac only.
DXi: Direct X Instrument) Plug-in processor/instrument format developed by Cakewalk. Windows only.
MAS: (MOTU Audio System) Streams digital audio into MOTU’s Digital Performer, where it appears in the mixer like any other audio track. Mac only.
FreeMIDI: MIDI “operating system” for MOTU software. Allows Battery to appear as a MIDI output device in MIDI tracks. Mac only.
• Sound Manager: Standard Apple audio driver
• MME: Windows Multi-Media Extensions audio card driver
VST2: (Virtual Studio Technology 2.0) Cross-platform plug-in processor/instrument protocol developed by Steinberg.

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