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V-Takes & Zoom’s MRS-1266CD

Q: “I’m getting ready to get a Zoom MRS-1266CD and I’m curious how the V-Take thing works?”

A: Each track (1 – 10) of the MRS-1266CD recorder contains ten additional “virtual” tracks that Zoom calls V-Takes. For each track, you can select one take that will be used for recording, playback, and mixdown. For example, you can switch V-Takes as you record multiple vocals or guitar solos on the same track; later you can compare each “take” and select the best one for mixdown. The idea of a virtual track or virtual take is not exclusive to Zoom; many of today’s standalone multitrack recorders (and most software audio applications) allow users to take advantage of this. In the case of the MRS-1266CD, which is a 10-track recorder, taking advantage of V-Take means ultimately you can have a total of 100 tracks (10 tracks times 10 takes), but only 10 tracks or takes can play back at once.

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