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Updates and Upgrades

If you recently purchased Native Instruments’ GUITAR RIG 3, the company has a free version 3.0.1 update ready for you to download. This is basically a service update that does include a few new features, but mainly a whole bunch of improvements and enhancements that will make your guitar tracks sound even better!

Been having USB Remote Problems using Mac OS X 10.4.10? Not ready to make the leap to training a new cat with Leopard (v10.5)? Well then, Apple suggests strongly that you update to version 10.4.11 right now, because it has an important bug fix! All of those pesky bugs (well, all that they tracked down and got stern with) have now been fixed, mostly issues dealing with USB controllers and remote keyboards. You can download version 10.4.11 at apple.com free for download and the company strongly recommends it! In case that wasn’t clear: Please DO NOT USE 10.4.10 with audio and USB devices!

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