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Three Quick Logic User Tips!

3 quick Logic tips that any Logic user can take advantage of!

  1. It’s quite common to end up with a lot of regions created in Logic that you don’t use in an arrangement. Periodically, using Select Unused from the Audio window’s Edit menu to select and delete them will clean up your audio list. The Edit menu’s Select Files submenu offers other convenient select options but requires that the Project Manager’s database be loaded in order to work.
  2. If you are trying to use Logic’s Audio to MIDI Groove Template or Audio to Score functions and not getting what you want, try applying extreme EQ to the audio file to emphasize the groove or the melody, then Bouncing the result to create a new file from which those processes might work better.
  3. The Matrix Edit window’s Functions menu has an option to include non-note MIDI events when selecting a range of notes. If you are moving notes around in a sequence that contains other data that you want tied to those notes (such as pitch-bend, aftertouch, or modulation) it’s a good idea to turn that option on. On the other hand, if the sequence contains automation that is not note related, leave the option off. Volume, expression, and pan are examples of the latter kind of automation. If the sequence has both kinds of non-note data, open an event editor, suppress all data types you don’t want to move, and select the data between notes manually.

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