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This Tiny Amp Head Delivers Pure Orange Tone


You might be tempted to write off a mini guitar amplifier head that costs under $150 as a cute toy — that is, until you plug into the Orange Micro Terror! Forget about its size. You just have to take one look at this classy hybrid tube head to know it’s a real Orange amp. So, when huge, rich, and iconic British boutique tone comes pouring out of whatever cabinet you hook your Micro Terror up to, you won’t be caught completely off guard. But you will be impressed!

What’s remarkable about the Orange Micro Terror is that it takes a formula many amp makers have followed before, with varying results (a 12AX7 tube-based preamp and a solid-state power amp), and provides you with dynamic and unmistakably Orange tone. Three controls (volume, tone, and gain) let you dial in sparkling cleans, meaty crunch, and pummeling overdrive, and it’s amazing how loud this little 20-watt amp can get when you pair it up with the right cabinet. A stereo 1/8″ input lets you plug in your iPod, and a headphone output lets you practice in silence. From the bedroom to the back line, your Orange Micro Terror head will deliver the British amp tones you love.

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