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Tele Twang Tones

Q: I’m studying to be a mixing engineer, and I was wondering if I could ask for your advice. I have a country mix where the lead guitar has a few solos and the client asked if I could create a “Brad Paisley” sound. I’m using plug-ins to get the sounds.

A: Brad Paisley goes for a fairly traditional twangy country tone with a bit of dirt mixed in. He also is an extremely accomplished player who really knows how to nail that style. A big part of success with achieving his type of sound will depend on how your client plays their parts.

To get into the “Brad Paisley” ballpark, start with a Telecaster-style guitar. Whether you are using hardware or amp/effects modeling plug-ins, you’ll want a Vox AC30 or similar Class A amp with an open-back 2×12 cabinet loaded with Celestion Blue speakers, a Tube Screamer-style overdrive, and a bit of slapback delay.

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