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TASCAM TA-1VP Auto-Tune Effects

Q: I have the new TASCAM TA-1VP vocal processor and love all the mic and tube modeling features, as well as the compressor, gate, and EQ. And the Auto-Tune feature works so smoothly that none of my friends who’ve heard me sing before noticed that I was using it (they just thought I was having a great vocal day).

I feel a little silly to admit it, but I’d like to have fun with the extreme “Auto-Tune Effect” that you hear everywhere, but the TA-1VP seems to correct so smoothly that I’m not getting that “T-Pain” effect. Can this be done on the TA-1VP?

A: (From Sweetwater’s Director of Product Optimization, Daniel Fisher)

To get the glitchy effect used by “T-Pain,” “Cher,” and many artists, you have to cut down the total number of pitches allowed in the scale. This is what causes the desired “glitchiness.” Turning the SPEED parameter down to “0” gives you the most extreme effect.

Here’s how to set the TA-1VP to get this effect:

1. Start from a preset such as Male Voice or Female Voice.
2. Switch Auto-Tune correction ON
3. Press the SCALE button.
4. Use the CURSOR LEFT/RIGHT buttons to select notes, and switch them off using the data knob. Try switching off all but a pentatonic scale, such as C – D# – F – G – A#
5. Press the next button down in the Auto-Tune section, SPEED. Turn the speed all the way to 0 (fastest).

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