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Speaker cable concerns

The following are some simple tips to keep in mind when cabling your power amp to speakers:

1. For all input connectivity, use shielded wire only. Cables with a foil wrap shield or a high-density braid are superior. Cables with a stranded spiral shield, although very flexible, tend to break down over time and cause noise problems.
2. Try to avoid using unbalanced lines with professional equipment. If you have no choice, keep the cables as short as possible.
3. To minimize hum and crosstalk, avoid running low-level input cables such as line level or mic level signals along the same path as high-level output wires and AC power feeds. Try to run differing signal-cable paths at 90 degrees to one another. If you must use a common path for all cables, use a star-quad type cable for the low-level signals.
5. Before changing output connections, turn the amplifier level down and the AC power off to minimize the chance of short-circuiting the output.

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