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Soundcraft COMPACT 10 Review

I have used both the Compact 10 and it’s smaller sibling, the Compact 4, in my own studio. I used it as a mic preamp and as a mixer. I also used it to connect two sets of monitors, two sets of headphones, line-level external preamp outputs, an iPod, a CD player, and a soundcard. Because it is AC powered (power supply included) as well as battery powered, it would also be great for remote recording.

I discovered that the preamps and EQ’s sound fantastic compared to other mixers in the Compact 10’s price range. To get real Soundcraft preamps (with inserts) and 3-band EQ’s for this price is truly a bargain.

However, the feature that got me most excited about this mixer is it’s ability to interconnect just about anything a small studio could dream of throwing at it. Here’s a quick list of it’s in’s and out’s:

  • Four XLR/TRS combo jack inputs.
  • Six 1/4″ or RCA stereo line inputs.
  • Two 1/4″ balanced/unbalanced outputs.
  • One 1/4″ or RCA output.
  • Two independent headphone outputs.

That’s amazing! It means that you could connect 4 microphones with inserts and EQ, 6 stereo sources (CD, iPod, keyboard, sampler, and 2 different computer’s soundcards), 3 sets of monitor speakers, and two separate headphones all at the same time! In my opinion, this is the best mixer for quality and connectivity under $200.

The Compact 10 would be great for home studios, small concerts and churches, meetings and presentations, broadcast/remote recording, DJ/VJ performance, and as a submixer or a general connectivity problem solver.

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