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Getting sound files from the Mac into your keyboard workstation.

“I’ve been trying to import sound files created on my Mac into my Motif keyboard workstation, but often times they don’t show up in the Yamaha. I’m saving them in the recommended format. What am I doing wrong?”

It’s likely that your problem is as simple as a lack of the proper extension on some of the file names. Some (many) Mac applications don’t automatically add file extensions to files stored to disk because the Mac doesn’t need them. What’s more, if you’ve been using a Mac for a while you likely aren’t aware that these extensions can be important for other systems, such as your Motif.

The Motif reads AIFF and .Wav file formats. So when you save the files on your Mac be sure you’ve added either .aif or .wav to the end of the file name (depending upon which type of file you are saving). This will allow other systems to be able to identify the files.

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