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Sound Design Using Logic Pro’s Enverb

Logic Pro’s Enverb plug-in allows users to create unusual variations of common sounds. For example, you can use Enverb to fashion an envelope for the specific sound over which it will be placed. This allows you to actually lengthen a sound to a certain degree, because you have complete control over the reverb shape. By setting the “Hold” parameter to a high value, the reverb “tail” does not decay, but rather it stays at the same level until the hold time runs out. While this is extremely useful for things like snares and other percussion, you can use it on almost any sound that has its own natural decay, such as a electric guitar or a “one-shot” sample. At fairly high sustain levels you will get something that’s somewhat similar to a gated reverb effect. But when used in an aggressive manner, the effect you’ll get is something that sounds positively industrial. If you’re looking for a new tool for sound design, Enverb is a good choice. The more you work with it, the better your results will be!

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