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Slate Release Schedule

Slate Digital has published a schedule for releasing updated software products, including AAX Native/Pro Tools 11 support:

According to Steven Slate:

“Here are my current estimates on AAX releases:

  • VTM is January 20th.
  • SSD4 is early January…it is in internal beta right now and it is going to public beta next week.
  • VCC will be mid February.
  • FG-X is being completely rewritten and recoded. It will have an even better algorithm that will [make it] more effortless to get results, easier to use, and it will do its job better. It will be a free update for all users. I plan to have it by early March, and I assure you it will be amazing. I know many of you will be upset about this delay, but please note that I am still actively hiring new developers to help speed it up, so there is a chance it can come sooner. It is an extremely complex code structure and unfortunately, it takes a lot of advanced code knowledge to do it properly.

Let me also be clear about something: New Product releases do NOT interfere with legacy product porting. We have a dedicated team who is working on the legacy ports while Fabrice and I work on the new products such as Virtual Mix Rack. Coding new products directly into the 64-bit framework is a lot easier than recoding older products into the framework.”

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