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In general, a server is a computer program that provides services to other computer programs in the same or other computers. The computer that a server program runs on is generally called a server, and quite often acts to serve some number of client computers that have some type of client software that accesses the server and its software. This specific paradigm has been practically expanded to refer to any computer that’s making files or services available to other computers.

For example, a Web server would store all files related to a Web site and perform all work necessary for hosting the Web site. Some situations require that one server “serve” more than one role, such as both a network server and a file server. This means that, in it’s network server role, the computer is responsible for holding the files and managing the processes that enable everyone in the office to access and use the network. In it’s file server role, it holds the central computer files and various databases. While the role of a server used to be seen as a luxury due to expense, many businesses and homes now have servers in everyday use.

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