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SCSI ID Issues with Kurzweil and Akai


Imagine this: an inSync reader with a SCSI problem. I guess that’s better than a drinking problem (though one probably leads to the other). “I have a SCSI ID Problem. I have a K2000 Keyboard and an Akai S3000XL sampler and they both want to be on SCSI ID#6. Is there anyway I can permanently change the SCSI ID on the K2000 to 5 or anything else other than 6? Also, regardless of whether the computer and the S3000 are connected, my internal SCSI drive in the K2000 is showing up on every SCSI ID, which is very weird.”

Daniel Fisher, Director of Soundware Engineering speaks:

“You can change the SCSI ID# of the K2000 to anything from 0 to 7. Just go to the MIDI/RECV Page and change the “SCSI ID:” parameter. As for it being permanent… well, it will stand up to anything short of a Hard Reset (then it will go back to #6). When you see your Internal HD on every SCSI ID# it’s usually a clue that your K2000 and the Internal HD are on the same ID# (Assuming there’s nothing else on the SCSI chain at the time). By fixing your first problem, you’ll probably fix your second problem as well. Once you get the K2000 off SCSI ID#6 you’ll probably see your HD pop up as SCSI ID#6 and all the remaining ID#s will become free.”

Editor’s note: Of course if the S3000 is set to ID #6 it will conflict with your K2000‘s hard drive when they are connected together. It may be best to get the ID changed on the HD (there are small jumpers for this on the drive somewhere), which will also prevent it from being a problem if you have to hard reset your K2000. Connecting several SCSI devices together can be a pain because no two can have the same ID. A computer has an ID for the CPU, hard drive, and CD-ROM (if any), plus any other devices (scanners, CD Burners, etc.). Then you add a keyboard with a hard drive and that’s two more, plus another keyboard (the S3000). You’ll probably run out of ID’s (there are only eight available in regular SCSI) before you get all of this hooked up.

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