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When Samples Go Missing in Kontakt 3

Q: When I convert Giga files over to Kontakt 3, everything seems to be working fine. But when I go to play the instruments, I get a message saying the sample files cannot be located. What’s the problem?

A: The key to successful conversion of Giga (or any other format) into NI’s Kontakt 3 is to save the samples into the same folder as the instruments. When converting file formats, you’ll get Kontakt’s Import dialog box, which prompts you to select a destination directory for both the instruments (programs) and samples. Make sure you are entering the same destination for both, otherwise the instruments will lose track of their samples. You can ask Kontakt to do a search for the sample files, but this wastes a significant amount of time, so just keep both in the same folder and you’ll be fine!

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