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Routing MIDI and playing back sequences live

MIDI puzzle.

“I have a PC with two MIDI interfaces I use to connect a few modules. This works fine, but I want to take those sequences out and play them live with the Sequencer in my Roland JW-50 workstation. Is there a device I can use to divide up the parts by MIDI channel and send each part to the proper module like I do in the PC?”

There are hardware devices that can filter and route MIDI information like this, but you probably don’t even need one. Your JW-50 is only capable of transmitting a maximum of 16 MIDI channels anyway, so if you can get your sequences in there and playing you’ve already done the hardest part, which is distilling them down to 16 channels. All you really have to do is daisy chain the modules together using their MIDI Thru and MIDI In connections. Set each one up so it responds only to the MIDI channels you designate for it in your sequence. On most modules this isn’t that hard to do, but there are some where you will actually have to create MIDI parts that have the volume turned down on the channels you don’t want them to respond to. Depending upon what you have, you may have to use more or less ingenuity to get this done, and it may be a bit time consuming at first, but once you have a workable system it should be stable and reliable.

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