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Roland Just Keeps Innovating


Roland has built its reputation on innovation, so it’s no surprise that the hits keep coming. What’s new? A state-of-the-art handheld recorder, a cutting-edge percussion controller, and three killer pedals from BOSS.

BC2Are you a guitarist? BOSS has three cool new pedals you should know about. If you’re a fan of British combo-amp tone, BOSS has captured all that hot-biased EL84 swagger in a pedal, the BC-2. The BC-2 sounds, well, smashing, and it couldn’t be easier to use. Everything is distilled down to one knob — candidly labeled Sound. With a twist, you can voice your guitar in a jangling clean tone or through a broad range of savory crunch. Further, the BC-2 lets you explore hard-driven sonic territory, where the originals couldn’t go. And all this is served up with realistic combo-amp cabinet resonance — Vox in a (stomp)box.

FB2BOSS’s FB-2 delivers two essentials for slick, professional guitar work, onstage and in the studio. The FB-2 Feedback/Booster pedal’s boost function lets you always be at the right volume. When you’re already all the way up, and need that extra push “over the cliff,” step on the FB-2, and you’re there. But the FB-2 doesn’t stop there. Feedback can be very tasty, but it’s not easy to control. Again, the FB-2 saves the day. Step on the pedal and hold for articulate feedback control you never thought possible. Launch into high-gain solos at bedroom-friendly volume, without trashing the nuance of your original tone. The BOSS FB-2 puts performance perfection at your feet.

The BOSS RC-300 is the king of loopers. Record, play back, and control three separate stereo tracks, each with dedicated transport control footswitches. The RC-300 gives you a master expression pedal, a 3-channel mixer, dedicated volume knobs for each channel, 16 onboard effects optimized for looping, and MIDI I/O. It’ll record up to three hours of continuous music to its internal memory, to which you can add effects on the fly. Save your loops externally via the handy USB port. There’s even a phantom-powered XLR connection. It’s a looper’s paradise.

R26Roland’s R-26 portable recorder makes it easier than ever to capture breathtaking recordings, anywhere. With omnidirectional and XY stereo mic pairs as well as the capability to record six channels of audio (three stereo channels) simultaneously, the R-26 allows you to record now and choose the tracks that sound best later. A pair of phantom-powered XLR/TRS inputs lets you use your favorite mics or mixer feed. You also get a separate connection for an external stereo microphone. The large LCD touchscreen lets you navigate menus, change settings, and edit waveforms. The Roland R-26 gives you amazing features, stunning audio quality, and incredible ease of use.

SPDSXRoland’s most advanced percussion controller/sampler to date, the SPD-SX, gives you 900 sounds, the power of three multi-FX, and a beefy 2GB of memory for onboard sampling. Perfect for both stage and studio, the SPD-SX sports nine velocity-sensitive pads and two dual-trigger inputs for external triggering of onboard sounds. With its individual LED pad dynamics indicators and high-contrast red divider lines, the SPD-SX always lets you know what’s going on — even on dimly lit stages. The SPD-SX is a great way to expand your existing percussion setup, but no matter how you use it, you’ll love what it does for your music.

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