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Recording in Pattern Mode on the Yamaha Motif

Q: When I am recording in Pattern mode, what happens if I don’t turn off the phrase voices in the Track tab?

A: Acckk! Never do that! You’ll end up with a synth that melts down into a smoldering pool of metal and plastic with a terrible smell that never goes away! Just kidding!

All that happens is that you will not be able to change instruments on a recorded track. Go ahead and try it – you really can’t hurt anything! With Track Voices set to ON, record an instrument on a track, then go into the Voices mode and try to change that voice to something else. Press the TOP button and return the sequencer to measure 1 and hit PLAY. Notice that your voice change does not stick and reverts to the original voice you recorded using. With Track Voices in the OFF position, you can always change the voice after recording. In fact, Yamaha makes it a point to recommend you always turn Track Voices to the off position!

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