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Q: My RAID system can operate in RAID 0 and JBOD modes, as well as RAID 1. Are there advantages to using JBOD over RAID 0 or vice versa? They seem pretty similar to me.

A: JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disks) and RAID 0 are similar in that neither provides any redundant protection for your data – you’ll still need to backup the data stored on the disk array. The difference comes down to what you need:

RAID 0 provides better performance by spreading data across multiple drives in the RAID for faster writing and reading. This is important for high audio track counts and video applications.

JBOD creates one large “logical” drive from several smaller drives. This lets you store more data on the overall drive array, and also lets you combine drives of different sizes together into the array, which doesn’t work as well for other RAID levels. For example, combining 100GB and 200GB drives in a JBOD array gives you a 300GB logical drive.

If you’re storing smaller files on your array, then JBOD may be slightly more secure than RAID 0 – with RAID 0, if one component drive in the array goes down, all the data is lost. If one drive in a JBOD array goes down, the data that is on the remaining drives might survive; it depends on how the files are stored across the drive that went down and the remaining drives.

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