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QSC K Series


This morning we were treated to a demonstration of the new K series powered loudspeakers from QSC. In a word, “astounding”! The show began with the 8″ K8; as the music started, the question was, “Is the sub on?” The answer was no… Then the K8 with the DEEP switch engaged; same question, same answer. Next the K8 with the Ksub…holy cow, bottom end for days! At 1,000 watts, these amazingly small and light (at just 27 pounds) cabinets absolutely crank full-range sound. Next we heard the K10 (10″ woofer) followed by the K12 (12″ woofer). It’s hard to say that these models sounded “better,” since the 8-inchers deliver everything you could want, rather, you would probably say the larger models simply offer MORE. You got to check these new speakers out; as we left the demonstration, more than one person was heard to say, “These speakers change the live sound game completely…”

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