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Pro Tools Quick Tips

The following are just a few Pro Tools quick tips:

1. A shortcut to bypassing plug-ins without having t open their window is to command-click on their slot in the inserts section of the mix er.

2. Command-clicking on break points in automation graphs deletes them. This is one of the quickest ways of cleaning up and smoothing out automation.

3. Sometimes it’s useful to know what the loudest point of a region of track is, especially if you want to find out if whether the level reaches 0dB, and is therefore clipping. The Gain Audiosuite plug-in has a Find Peak command that will scan a selection and report the highest level.

4. It’s often best to leave out the Master Bypass parameter when enabling automation for a plug-in. This way you can easily bypass the plug-in manually during playback without fighting any automation. Also, plug-ins often click, pop or otherwise make unpleasant noises when you automate their bypass. It’s better to just automate the controls to a ‘flat’ or inoperative stage in places where you don’t want the plug-in to do anything.

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