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Playing Back Drum Sounds Accurately in Kontakt 2

Since Native Instruments Kontakt can handle so many different formats (AIFF, WAV, Sound Designer II, Akai S1000, and tons more), it’s perfect for gathering up all your best drum sounds and building your ultimate drum module. Of course, you’ll always want 1-shot samples like drums and other percussion to play from beginning to end without having to keep your finger on the controller. While you could build an envelope that will do this, it’s easier to go into the Instrument Edit Mode and access the Preferred Release function (Pref. Rel.). By selecting “Yes,” you’re telling the Kontakt sound engine to play the released notes in your “drum kit” for their full duration. If you have this set to “No,” the drum and percussion sounds will choke off artificially as soon as your finger lifts off the key or pad.

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