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Getting the Perfect Take in Pro Tools

Whether you nail your musical performance in one go or put it together from multiple passes, Pro Tools can help you get the perfect take. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Choose Setups > Preferences. Under the Editing tab, enable the three “Matching Start Time Takes List” preferences.
  2. Select the section of the track that you want to record over. This could be a verse, chorus, guitar solo, etc.
  3. Choose Operations > Loop Record. Record-enable the track and start recording. Don’t worry if you have a bad take; another recording pass will start as soon as the end of the selection is reached.
  4. With the Selector Tool, double-click the recorded regions. You can switch to previous recording passes by Control-Clicking (Win) or Command-Clicking (Mac) on the region and choosing a previous take from the pop-up menu.
  5. Select the best take. If it isn’t perfect, separate out the problem areas using the Separate command. Then Control-Click (Win) or Command-Click (Mac) to choose a region from an alternate take. By doing this, you can composite the perfect take.

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