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Peavy Musebox Plug-in Sound Module Demo

Bryan Lanser, VP of Product Development and Found of Muse Research, demonstrates some of the capabilities of the Peavy Musebox. Developed jointly by Muse Research and Peavy, the Musebox can be many things to many types of musicians and engineers. It’s a hardware interface that hosts VST plug-in effects and instruments.
Combined with a MIDI keyboard, it’s a powerful sound module with the benefits of both hardware and software.
It has line-level inputs and outputs, so it can be a way to use your favorite plug-in effects in a live setting as an effects processor.
It has four inputs and four software plug-in slots: you can connect a guitar, a vocal microphone, a keyboard, and an electronic drum kit, and use the Musebox to add amp modeling and effects, host virtual instruments, and set up a vocal chain.
However you use it, there’s a ton of potential for this highly-anticipated sound module. Enjoy the demo, then learn all about the Peavy Musebox right here: www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/MuseBox

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