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Peavey Messenger Review

Sound is pro-level, construction is A+ with a real metal chassis unit mounted inside the high-impact case.

I quickly found as I unboxed and set up the unit that it was very easy to accomplish, the unit is very well made, and very sturdy. The Messenger has a pair of 2-way (that’s not a misprint) speakers that interlock with the main unit. It is the size of a briefcase, and just under 25 lbs with all accessories included. This is less than the weight of almost any other piece of gear I own. I hope the sound is bigger than the lightweight speakers.

I plug it in…

The PEAVEY I100 mic feels good in my hand. The 15′ speaker cables have the speakers far enough away to avoid the feedback I think I am going to hear. I flick the power switch to the on position, turn up the masters and channel fader, and I mean TURN THEM UP, then I disengage the emergency brake (mike on/off switch)… and nothing happens. I mean NO FEEDBACK! So I take the high-tech sound guy approach – check, check, testing, check, money order… WOW! The EQs are all flat, and my voice is loud, clear, and I can even feel the muscle of a good amount of proximity effect from the mic. That’s right, I didn’t have to boost the lows in these small footprint speakers to make them sound big.

The stereo inputs (ch 4&5) worked great for an iPod, and they offer the office karaoke party the ability to cancel vocal tracks from the source, or to balance them with the instrument track. You supply the karaoke tracks, and you get the full control you need with 3-band EQ too! There’s even a 5-band master graphic EQ with Peavey’s patented Feedback Locating System. It turns on an LED when you need to cut a band to get rid of impending feedback. No sound technician needed for optimum performance.

I can’t say enough about how this unit surpassed every notion I had about it. Sound is pro-level, construction is A+ with a real metal chassis unit mounted inside the high-impact case. Included accessories performed well, and the mic was very good.

Value is an important thing in today’s sound reinforcement community. This unit has all the ingredients to be a Best Value for years to come. Audio Rentals, A/V companies, Hotels, Schools, Auctioneers, and Corporate functions. Anywhere some vocal reinforcement is needed, I’d make this my “go-to” piece.

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