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Ovation’s Elite Special

Looking for a thundering acoustic/electric that plays like greased lightning? No problem! The Elite Special from Ovation fits the bill if electric guitar-type playability is what you seek and fingerboard inlays and gold tuners aren’t mandatory. Quintad bracing, satin finished solid spruce top, and the OP-24+ – the preamp that sets a new standard for guitars in its category. Plug it in and you’ll hear what makes this Elite Special.

Sweetwater Exclusive – Trinity Options!
Did you know that Sweetwater is the exclusive supplier of options for Korg’s classic Trinity synthesizer/workstation series? Sweetwater’s Factory Authorized Service Center is proud to offer exclusive world-class support and installation expertise of Trinity Series option hardware to Trinity users. Trinity’s Hard Disk 4-Track digital recorder, MOSS synth board, and SCSI options are available only through Sweetwater!

iPod Software 1.2.6 Update
iPod Software 1.2.6 provides improved battery management, which solves a problem that may appear to shorten your iPod’s battery life. Some customers have reported that over time their iPod’s battery life has declined. This update enables the iPod to more accurately monitor its battery charge, thus using the entire battery capacity and regaining long battery life. The result is longer playback time and extended standby time. After updating the iPod, customers can expect at least 10 days of standby battery life on a full charge.

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