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Opening Reason NN-XT Files in KONTAKT 3

In the early 1990s, it was pretty exciting to imagine a sampler that could read all of the various available sample formats: AKAI, E-Mu, Roland, and so forth. Today, almost all of the major hardware and software formats are available by using Native Instruments’ KONTAKT 3. One speed bump may appear to be Propellerheads Reason NN-XT format, because Refill programs are encrypted and therefore cannot be imported directly. But there is a simple workaround, though the glitch here is that you do need to have access to Reason in order to accomplish it. First, open any NN-XT patch of your choice from within Reason’s NN-XT sample module. Next, save it as a SXT file. KONTAKT 3 has no problem opening SXT files.

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