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  • Bogner Custom Shop Duende 1×10 Combo – This easy to transport 12-watt 1×10″ tube combo amplifier puts all the features of those “big” amps into a low-power combo that’s absolutely perfect for studio work, rehearsals, small stages, or playing at home. The Bogner Duende offers two channels, each with its own dedicated reverb control. You get crystal-clear clean tones, tasty mid-gain crunch, and even high-gain sustain from this amp, but that’s just the beginning, since you can combine the channels for even more amazing tones. And, the addition of great-sounding onboard tremolo and reverb only adds to the sonic potential here. Also, a tube-buffered effects loop and a direct-recording output are built in. This amp delivers its rich tube tone from a pair of 6V6 power tubes and no less than five 12AX7 preamp tubes – truly a solid foundation for a feature-packed amp!
  • Bogner Custom Shop Duende 1×12 Combo – When you need just a bit more power and a bigger speaker than the Duende 1×10 combo, this 15-watt tube combo amplifier just might be the perfect answer. The Duende pumps out 15 watts of rich tube tone from two 6V6 power tubes and five 12AX7 preamp tubes. The clean channel can take you from pristine to crunchy tones, while a second channel delivers higher gain tones, with tight lows that are never muddy. You can combine both channels for a stellar combination of American and British amp characteristics, giving you a truly exhilarating playing experience. Top it all off with shimmering reverb with independent levels for each channel and a tremolo with speed and depth controls. A tube-buffered effects loop and a compensated recording output for directly connecting to mixers and recorders are included. Also available in a head-only configuration!
  • Korg nanoPAD – Takes Korg’s acclaimed padKONTROL and shrink it into an even smaller, more affordable format! Offering 12 great-feeling, highly responsive pads, the insanely slim nanoPAD boasts a suite of impressive features packed into its compact body. A chord-trigger function lets you use a single pad to enter chords, so you can work even faster. Plus, the pads can also transmit control change messages, making it great for triggering clips during live performances. What’s more, the nanoPAD boasts an onboard X-Y pad with “Roll” and “Flam” modes that let you really get inside your sound and lay down ultra-realistic drum grooves. You can also use the X-Y pad to send MIDI control change messages, to take charge of any software parameter that demands full-range MIDI control, such as pitch, cutoff, volume, and beyond.
  • Furman PL-Plus C – Here’s the latest generation of Furman’s legendary 15-amp power conditioners, featuring the company’s exclusive Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus (SMP+) with Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT) and Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS) for ultrareliable protection of your gear. Traditional surge-suppression circuits “sacrifice” themselves when exposed to multiple transient voltage spikes, requiring the dismantling of your system and the repair of your surge suppressor. That’s not the case with SMP+. With the PL-PLUS C’s SMP+, damaging transient voltages are safely absorbed, clamped, and dissipated – no sacrificed parts, no service calls, no down time. Front-panel LED metering lets you keep an eye on your voltage levels, and a diagnostic light lets you know your unit is functioning properly. Considering how affordable this level of protection is, you can’t afford not to have one!
  • Galaxy Powered Micro Spot DC – Weighing only 4.82 lbs., this unit delivers a clean 30 watts of power to its internal 4-1/2″ speaker and can reach SPL levels of 99dB. XLR and 1/4″ inputs, respectively, accept mic and line-level signals. The unit also features a 2-band EQ and built-in compressor/limiter circuitry that controls the amplifier’s gain, acting like a compressor on transient signals and a “brick wall” limiter on signals that continuously exceed a predetermined limit. This results in an apparent 6dB increase in SPL, without distortion. With the included mounting hardware, the Powered Micro Spot DC can be permanently mounted to a wall or ceiling, or conveniently mounted atop a microphone stand for portable use. It’s perfect for live sound, church, fixed installation, etc. It’s compact and lightweight enough to take anywhere.
  • Ampeg BA-300/115 – If your sound revolves around the sweet, warm tone of tubes, and you’re looking for a supremely portable combo rig, then meet the BA-300/115. Although it packs a 15″ LF driver, an HF horn (with level control), and 300 watts of pure Ampeg output into just over four cubic feet, the BA-300/115 is ultra-transportable. And a real 12AX7 tube in the preamp section means sweet tones and great dynamics for your sound. Control over tone is important for bassists, in order for them to be heard and to sound their best. That’s why Ampeg gives you the tone-sculpting capabilities of an onboard 3-band EQ and a Style Control, to shape your mids. Ultra-High/Low switches add even more sonic punch to your tone. It also includes a variable compressor, a tube-driven balanced line out (with level control, pre-/post-EQ switch, and ground lift), an effects loop, a power amp emulation circuit, Speakon and TS output jacks, removable casters, and road-tough cabinet construction.

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