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Muse Research Receptor and Supported Plug-Ins

Q: “Can I install VST plug-ins I already own on Receptor?”

A: It depends. First, Receptor runs Windows-format VST plug-ins only, so you must have an authorized, registered Windows version. It may run on Receptor. However, Receptor is a Linux-based device and although the actual plug-ins are identical, their installation methods are different than with a Windows-based computer. Further, Receptor employs a unified installation method and copy protection methodology (iLok). Most third-party VST developers who have created Receptor-compliant plug-ins offer a no-cost or low-cost “cross-grade” to anyone who currently owns the same plug-in in another format. The number of developers is growing steadily; you can always find a current listing of authorized plug-ins at www.plugorama.com.

In addition, Receptor does offer a method to try loading currently unsupported plug-ins (the key word is “unsupported”). In your Receptor User Guide is a section titled “Include Unsupported Plug-ins Folder.”

All updates occur via Ethernet, so Receptor has to be attached to a computer first. Once connected, you can install updates, plug-ins, samples, etc. simply by dragging the files between the computer and the Receptor.

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