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MOTU’s MachFive and third party sample formats.

Q: “The samples I’ve imported into MOTU’s MachFive from another format sound different than they did on their original sampler. Why?”

A: UVI-Xtract is designed to bring all available information for a third party sample format into MachFive. In some cases, the original sampler will have a performance method native to a system that cannot be duplicated by MachFive – or any other 3rd party application for that matter. For example, when importing Kurzweil samples, MachFive will get the samples, but does not include the elements of sound that were made by the Kurzweil synthesizer section. Or, certain Giga libraries also include “.art” files that are articulation files native to the Giga engine only. MachFive is designed to have the best possible sample import, but proprietary performance methods that are native to a given system are not likely to translate into MachFive.

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