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Mojave Audio Raises the Bar – Again

If you step into any professional studio or serious project studio, you’re likely to find at least one Mojave Audio MA-200 large-diaphragm condenser mic. The big tube sound of this black beauty can quite literally be used on virtually anything, with stellar results. When you have such a runaway hit on your hands, where do you take it from there? How about adding multi-pattern functionality while maintaining the same sonic signature? You’ve got it, with Mojave Audio’s outstanding new MA-300!

The MA-300 doesn’t look drastically different from its predecessor, but the continuously variable polar pattern (from omni to figure-8) takes a mic design that was already a great all-around performer and raises it to the next level, matching versatility with superior sound. And as with all Mojave Audio mics, the build quality is beyond reproach. From recording vocals to acting as a room mic, the MA-300 is destined to become one of your go-to mics. Your Sweetwater Sales Engineer will be happy to answer your questions. Give us a call today!

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