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When Mismatched Speakers Make a Perfect Pair

It’s a pretty safe bet that premier amp makers aren’t hurting for components, right? So, why do two 2 x 12″ tube combos in our stock (Marshall‘s JVM 205c and the Bogner Alchemist 2×12, respectively) feature unmatched speaker pairs? Were they scraping for parts and just bolting what they had into the cabinets? Nope. When you (correctly) mismatch speakers on purpose, you potentially add more tonality and dimension to your amp’s output. Another benefit: you can place a different microphone on each speaker in the studio for rich-sounding results. If you want to change your own speaker configuration, keep in mind that the two speakers don’t necessarily have to share the same power-handling capabilities. However, make sure both speakers do share the same ohm rating — otherwise, the speaker with the lower ohm number will be louder, and you’ll receive negative returns from your hot-rodded rig.

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