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MIDIMan USB interface and Windows 2000.

“My Midiman USB MIDI interface can’t send or receive MIDI in Windows 2000. What can I do?”

It should work assuming you have a current driver. Here are some things our service department suggests you try:

* Make sure you are using a power supply if you are using the Midisport8x8.
* Connect the MIDI interface directly into your computer’s USB ports, not through a hub.
* Make sure you have Windows 2000 service pack 2 installed.
* Check for multiple failed installations of the Midi Sport by going into safe mode (during bootup).
* Make sure you have the current driver (right now it’s version1.05)
Then go into device manager (right-click on My Computer, properties, device manager) and double-click USB and also Sound, Video, and Game controllers.
Verify that there is only one copy installed. If there are more than one, remove all instances of them. Then search your C drive for these files and delete them while in safe mode:
*8×8*.* usb8x8ldr.sys midisprt8.* oemsetup.inf
Reboot and Windows will find the device again and ask for the installation disc or directory.

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