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Q: I’ve just started recording some area singer/songwriters, many who are new to recording and have a hard time playing along with a click track (it just sucks the life out of their performances!). Thing is though, I either record live drums later or I don’t need drums for the acoustic tracks, making it hard for me to justify getting a full-on drum plug-in. Is there an easier, cost-effective way for me to preserve the inspiration??

A: In a word, yes! Try using drum loops. You’ll be amazed by how much tighter (or, depending on the talent, more relaxed and natural) the tracks will be when the player has a real groove to interact with. Even if the loop’s not a perfect fit for the style of the song, it’s okay — the trick is to just audition some until you find that right feel to get the tracks in the pocket. Depending on your DAW, you may have a bunch of great loops to check out already. If not, there are a ton of libraries available, some with a wide range of loop styles, some with specific style-tailored grooves. Just search “drum loops” on Sweetwater.com or give your Sales Engineer a call.

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