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Logic Pro/Express 7: Why doesn’t my Converted Apple Loop play at my song’s tempo or key?

When you convert an Apple Loop into an audio file, the converted file may not play at the song’s current tempo and key settings. Instead, the new audio file will play at the original Apple Loop’s tempo and key.

This happens when you select an Apple Loop region and choose Audio > Convert Regions to New Audio Files from the Arrange window menu, and you also change the “file format” parameter in the resulting dialog window from “Original file type” to either “Wave” or “SDII.” This creates a copy of the original Apple Loop file, but without the transient and category tags. That means the file will only play at whatever tempo and key the original Apple Loop was recorded at — not at the tempo and key of the song.

If you want to turn an Apple Loop region into an audio file that uses the song’s tempo and key settings, select the loop and choose File > Export > Region as Audio File. Be sure to select the “Add resulting files to Audio Window” checkbox to use the new file in your current song. This new file will play at your song’s current tempo and key, but it can’t follow subsequent tempo or key changes like an Apple Loop. It’s fixed at the tempo and key that your song was set to when you exported the file.

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