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The Little Things Matter with Guitar Tone

Not long ago, we recommended spending a few dollars and a few hours trying out different types and gauges of strings to find out which sounds and feels the best on your particular guitar.

Now, we’re going to take it a step further! The cable(s) you use can make a difference in your tone (how much difference depends on the type of cable, the length, and the electronics in your guitar, as well as the guitar’s interaction with the amp or any effects you are running). Why not try a few different types out to see which you prefer?

And, even the picks you use can make a difference. A pick with a hard, slick surface will sound different from one with a “softer” surface. And a thin pick may sound different than a heavy pick, depending on how you hold it and your playing technique. Try a few picks in different gauges and made from different materials to see which you like best.

All of these are inexpensive ways to really fine-tune your tone and your touch.

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