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Line 6 Intros DT25 HD

The Line 6 DT50 has proven to be one of the best hybrid amps ever introduced. Created in association with Reinhold Bogner, the DT50 combines top-of-the-line Line 6 HD amp modeling with a true reconfigurable tube architecture — so when you use a chimy “British” amp, the tubes reconfigure for Class A, when you go for a West Coast amp, you get Class AB. The result is an amp the sounds and feels completely authentic, because it is completely authentic!

But the DT50 was more amp than some folks wanted, so now we have the DT25 head — the same great amp, but equipped with two EL84 power tubes delivering 25 watts of power. Plus, the Pentode/Triode switch cuts the power further, and there is a switch for super-low volume operation. All the cool DT50 extras are there, such as four analog amp configurations, two channels, completely separate gain and EQ control for each channel, separate reverb control for each channel, a serial effects loop with level control, an XLR direct out with cabinet simulation, and much more!

Great tone, compact size, light weight, amazing flexibility, this just may be the ultimate grab-it-and-go amp!

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