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Kush Ups The Fat

The Empirical Labs Fatso has become a studio essential for good reason — it does great things to signals passing through it! Now you can up your Fatso quotient even higher with the Kush Audio UBK Fatso! The folks at Kush loved their Fatso, but wanted to tweak it to add even more features — and make it even easier to use. To get what they wanted they custom-modified a Fatso by adding three brand new presets:

  • Splat — an API-inspired setting
  • Smooth — classic limited that reduces peaks by 6-10dB without coloration
  • Glue — a special setting designed to lock a bass (or other instrument) exactly in place.

The unit also inlcude six new compression curves. When they were finished, they took their custom Fatso to Dave Derr of Empirical Labs, who gave it his blessing — and now you can have exactly the same custom Fatso for your own studio with the UBK Fatso! Your tracks and mixes will love it!

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