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Kurzweil split files and download issues


Today’s tip comes from Daniel Fisher, our Director of Soundware Engineering.

Here at Sweetwater, we’ve put almost our entire Soundware Library for the Kurzweil on our Web site as individual files. (The idea being that you can later apply the money spent on individual files towards the CD-ROM that they came from.) For the most part, this has gone very smoothly with only the occasional hand holding needed to help some get their download successfully. The most frequent problem we run in to is from customers who are downloading the .KRZ files to use in non-Kurzweil applications (like Awave). The problem (which we’re currently addressing) has to do with the nature of the Kurzweil “Split Files”.

When a Kurzweil saves a file that exceeds the capacity of a single floppy disk it puts all of the Objects on the floppy first (eg. Progs, Setups, QA, Key maps, Effects, Songs, various Tables and Maps, AND the Sample’s Pointer and other miscellaneous sample information). The only data that’s allowed to spill over to additional disks is the actual sample PCM itself. BUT, the Sample information needed to do the Start Point, End Point, Loop Point, and all the Sample’s MISC Page info are still on the first floppy.

This is only a problem for those who download our Sweetwater Instruments with the intention of opening them with Awave or other non-Kurzweil applications. The immediate solution is to load the separate disks into a Kurzweil and resave to Zip as a single file.

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