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Korg MS2000 Review

All of this, at a price that just about anyone can afford!

Korg’s MS2000B Analog Modeling Synthesizer/ Vocoder is the epitome of value: a full-featured analog synth and a sixteen-band vocoder for well-under $1000! The MS2000B is here for anyone needing a great quality modeling synth and a premium vocoder in one package.

Included with the MS2000B is a dynamic gooseneck mic for use with the vocoder, a wall wart, and the manual. The included mic is huge, but the manual is equally important: it’s well organized, easy to read in a sitting or two, and very comprehensive- just like a manual should be!

The MS2000B has two main functions: analog synth and vocoder. The block diagrams of each function is right on the front panel for easy access during performances. Korg has included lots of oscillators and modulation sources for almost infinite possibilities: two main oscillators (one of which can use the waveform of a line or mic input), four different filters, delay, distortion, a modulation sequencer, an arpeggiator, and lots more! One of the coolest features of the MS2000B is the virtual patching function. The four virtual patches allow you to custom route eight different modulation sources to control parameters from filter cutoff to pitch, giving you even more creative potential with your sounds!

The factory presets give you a great first look at the possibilities of the MS2000B. From synth leads to rhythm parts, modulation sequences to effects, a short look at a couple of the banks will leave you drooling for more. For some, the presets can be slightly tweaked to get desired sounds, but others will find the presets to be merely the groundwork of their creative possibilities.

All of this, at a price that just about anyone can afford! Unlike most of the competition, the MS2000B isn’t going to break the bank account (or max out your Sweetwater Card). Good for electronica, dance, rap, composers, or sound designers the MS2000B is sure to give you creative tools- and tons of fun- for years to come!

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