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K2xxx keyboard workstations’ sample formats described.

Q: “What kind of sample or instrument formats can the Kurzweil K2000, K2500, K2600, or K2661 read?”

A: The Kurzweil can import files from Akai S900, S1000, and S3000 series, Roland S700 series, and Ensoniq ASR series samplers via SCSI. Akai and Ensoniq files can also be imported via floppy. Only the sample and keymap information is imported. No programming parameters (LFOs, Envelopes, Filter settings, etc.) are imported, so they must be reprogrammed on the Kurzweil once the file is imported. In addition, the Kurzweil can import WAV and AIFF files from DOS formatted disks. The Kurzweil can also send and receive samples via SCSI using the SMDI (SCSI Musical Data Interchange) protocol, used by sample editing software and some sequencers with digital audio capability.

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